Thursday, January 18, 2007

Alex Gordon Interview

After the Royals Caravan presentation in Omaha yesterday, I joined several other reporters in a group interview with Alex Gordon. Here's a portion of that interview.

Q: There have been comparisons between you and George Brett. How much pressure is there on you with such high expectations?

A: I can't compare myself to George Brett. He's a hall of famer. I'm just a Double-A player. Hopefully there's some way I can live up to him, but there's no way you can follow in his footsteps. He's been a great player.

Q: How much will having some guys with a little more experience in the major leagues help you throughout this spring to develop to where you want to be?

A: A lot. I remember coming into my first Spring Training, Sweeney, the first thing he did was come up to me and say, "You need anything? You need any help?" And there was a lot of guys, like Stairs, I could go on and on...but a lot of the older guys took the younger guys under their wings and just showed them around. So, I think that's a plus when you come into a new environment.

Q: How much time have you spent with George Brett?

A: Basically just Spring Training. He was around me a lot in the batting cage and taking ground balls. But that was about it. He asked me to go out to dinner one time and we never got to that so I'm going to have to call him up and have a nice little steak or something.

Q: What's going to be different for you going into Spring Training this year compared to last season?

A: Last year I knew that I was going to leave the big league team. I was kind of out of the picture. I was just happy to be there. But now, after going through a full season and being successful I'm looking to make the big league team and hopefully get a starting spot.

Q: What's it going to take for you to make the big league team?

A: I'm flying out tonight and I'm going to start training and I'll be training throughout Spring Training. I'm just going to do everything in my power to be ready to go and hopefully get the rust off from the winter.

Q: Have you practiced in the outfield?

A: Last Spring Training I think they wanted me to take a couple of balls in the outfield during batting practice, but nothing since then.

Q: When was the last time you played the outfield?

A: Ninth grade in high school I think. Left field. I made a couple of diving catches so I felt pretty comfortable out there. I like to think that I'm a pretty decent athlete so I could make that transition.

Q: Has Teahen been taking anything in the outfield?

A: I have no idea. You'd have to ask a coach or talk to Teahen. But like I said, that's his job, his third base job. I'm just the back up right now.

Q: Some people are saying that you feel bad that Teahen is having to answer questions about you.

A: I've heard that there's been a lot of questions, saying I'm coming in, but he had a great season. He was player of the year for Kansas City. I think that's the questions they should be asking him.

Q: What is your relationship with Mark like?

A: We talked a couple of times. They only time I've seen him is in Spring Training. He's a good guy and we get along just fine. I'm hoping that we can be on the same field together because I think we both could help the team out. I think it would be exciting to see us on the same field.

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