Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Keith Law has a column entitled Royals have a potential star in Gordon currently running on ESPN's website that you might be interested in reading. He makes the case that Alex Gordon will be "the best player to man the hot corner in Kansas City since George Brett."

That would be impressive if it turns out to be true given that guys like Kevin Seitzer (who logged a 200-hit season in 1987), Gary Gaetti (who hit 35 HR with 96 RBI in 1995), and Dean Palmer (who hit 34 HR with 119 RBI in 1998) have played the position after Brett. And let's not forget the current third baseman, Mark Teahen, who appears to be on the verge of becoming an All-Star.

Here's another one of Law's observations that will make Royals fans everywhere smile: "With him [Gordon], Butler (a masher who's likely to end up as a designated hitter), and left fielder Chris Lubanski in their 2008 lineup and a few more arms in the system, the Royals look like they're on a quick path toward respectability, with contention just a little bit further down the line."

Hat tip: to Mike K. for the heads up about the article.

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