Monday, May 04, 2009

Royals Twitter Directory

Here’s a working list of Royals players, media, bloggers, and fans. Just click the links and then click on the follow button once you get to each Twitter account page:

Former Royals:
    Minor Leagues:
    I have no way of knowing the legitimacy of any of these Twitter account names. I have interacted with some of the people listed here, but not all of them. Just want you to know that up front.

    If you’d like to be added to this list, please leave a comment with your real first and last name, your Twitter name, and tell me which list you’d like to be added to. I’ll check out your account. I will not add any accounts that look like spam and I also will not be adding any aggregator type accounts. I reserve the right to reject requests for any reason.

    Comments are on moderate. Just leave your request once and I’ll get to it as soon as I can. Thanks!


    Ray W said...

    You can put mine under blogs altough I'd rather put it under players. lol
    RoyalsonRadioetc can be found at

    Anonymous said...

    I have been a fan of the Royals as long as I can remember thinking. I tweet about a lot of things, but I tweet for the boys in blue when I watch their games. My twitter link is:


    Minda said...

    For whatever it's worth, mine is legitimate. Although I'm not sure WHY anyone would falsify a Minda Haas Twitter account. Heh.

    Great idea to compile all of these Royal Twits...I'll be bookmarking this for sure! said...

    That Soria one is so fake it's not even funny. "i be fine ..."? I mean come on?

    Spread the love,

    Anonymous said...

    I'd be proud to have my Twitter listed under the fan heading--been one for 22 years! (before that I lived in OKC, so my only baseball fix was to cheer AGAINST the Yankees ;)....)

    Hillary Davis, RN

    Frank Rogers said...

    hey Lee. As your first Royals fan podcast interview. Pls add me as a fan since I don't write enough to blog. LOL Thank you. Frank Rogers

    Shawn said...

    You can add me to the Fans section.
    Shawn Hartley @shartley Fans

    jgsteeler said...

    Please add me as a fan. @jgsteeler

    Anonymous said...

    Add me to the fan section. My name is Tammy Brizendine and my twitter user name is @tdbriz.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the add! On a semi-related note, I had my first child on opening day in 1996. That's right, she shares a birthday with Sluggerrr.

    Really, it wasn't on purpose.
    Hillary Davis, RN

    Dale said...

    Hey I'd love to be added under the fan links. I've been a Royals fan since 1995 when me and my college buddies used to stalk season ticket holders for their unused tickets.


    I post on basicly three themes: Royals, leadership, and church ministry.

    Anonymous said...

    I would bet all the tea in China that Joakim Soria is not on Twitter, and whoever is doing it should be ashamed of themselves...

    Lee Warren said...

    I'm trying to verify the Soria Twitter account one way or the other. I'll keep you posted.

    Riggz said...

    Feel free to add my Twitter under fans. Twitter- Ariggs24

    Lee Warren said...

    I heard back from Ryan Lefebvre regarding the legitimacy of the Joakim Soria Twitter account: apparently, Soria does have a Twitter account, but Lefebvre said he couldn't guarantee that the Twitter account I've linked to is Soria's. I guess time will tell.

    Lee Warren said...

    An article on the Royals website confirms that the Joakim Soria Twitter account is legit. It also reveals that Mark Teahen has been tweeting as ESPY_Teahen (who knew?). And it mentions Coco Crisp's account as well. I've updated the new links.

    Here's a link to the article: said...

    Interesting. Good detective work though.

    Can we be added?

    Lee Warren said...

    Just heard from Doug Rogalski, Billy Butler's agent, and he confirms that Butler's Twitter account listed above is legit. Many thanks to Doug for taking the time to do so.

    Aaron said...

    Nicely done sir.

    You can add me to "fans" if you like:

    Aaron Stilley

    Aaron said...

    I changed my username to @KC_Baseball. Also I guess I'm a blogger now ( Thanks!

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