Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Royal Memories

I was in attendance at Royals Stadium when the Royals played the Seattle Mariners on June 6, 1992. The game went back and forth. At the end of eight innings, the Mariners were leading 3-1.

In the Royals half of the ninth, with one run already in, they had runners on first and second. I think there were two outs, so runners were going on contact. Wally Joyner was up against Mike Schooler. The crowd was cheering like crazy. Joyner got a pitch that he liked and he turned on it--roping it down the right field line. He hit is so hard that I was sure it would hook foul, but for some reason it didn't. It landed fair by about a foot. The right fielder (Jay Buhner, I believe) got to the ball and hit the cutoff man, who fired home. Keith Miller avoided the tag as he slid into home and the team mobbed him. The Royals won 4-3 and it was one of the best games I've ever seen.

I did some digging and actually found the box score. Neal Heaton got the win for the Royals. The starters were Randy Kramer for the Mariners and Hipolito Pichardo for the Royals. Here was the starting line ups for both teams that day:

Mariners Position
Harold Reynolds 2B
Edgar Martinez 3B
Ken Griffey Jr. CF
Kevin Mitchell LF
Pete O'Brien DH
Jay Buhner RF
Tino Martinez 1B
Dave Valle C
Omar Vizquel SS


Royals Position
Kevin Miller 2B
Gregg Jefferies 3B
Wally Joyner 1B
Kevin McReynolds LF
George Brett DH
Jim Eisenreich RF
Brent Mayne C
Brian McRae CF
Curtis Wilkerson SS

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