Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Royals Still Have Limited TV Schedule in Omaha

I'm still getting email from Royals fans who are upset, like I am, that Cox Communications has chosen not to carry all 140 games on FSN Kansas City in the Omaha market, even though the games are available to them. I never did get a straight answer from Cox about why, but by now you know that Cox made a financial decision.

Here's a link to an article in the Omaha World Herald from a couple of weeks ago that confirms that it was indeed a financial decision. Here's basically what it boils down to: "The costs incurred by Cox to broadcast the additional 40 games, however, would have been passed on to all customers, Peck said [she's a VP with Cox], and were not in the best interest of Cox's entire subscriber base."

Of course, that doesn't really explain the fact that Time Warner customers in Lincoln, Nebraska are able to see all 140 games without a rate increase. But at least it sounds like Cox has finally quit placing the blame on MLB for blacking out the games.

According to the article though, "Peck said Cox had not received many complaints over its scheduling decision." I don't know how she would define "many" but I've called several times, and if everybody who has emailed me telling me that they've called has actually followed through, then I highly doubt what Peck said.

I wish I had better news for you, but I don't. The answer is DirecTV.


Brad Haas said...


I'm not giving up yet. I've made it my habit to call Cox every time they don't broadcast a game. I was going to their cable techs, but they gave me the extension of a better office to call. The number is (402) 933-3000, ext. 9855 . I think everyone should take my approach and keep calling.

Also, there's no way in the world they're going to raise rates past DirecTV (they're about the same monthly rate right now, I believe). That "passing on costs" is BS; they'd just have to absorb it or pass it on to advertising clients. And furthermore, the games they're not showing are the ones with the highest anticipated market. Now, either FSN is asking more for those, or Cox is just moneygrubbing by offering those on pay-per-view.

Again, I'm not giving up. Recall that Lincoln didn't have ANY Royals games for a long time, and then the Royals broadcast crews starting mentioning that fact on the radio and TV and encouraging people to call in. I'm trying to get that same thing going now, for Omaha, Topeka and the large parts of Kansas where people ostensibly give money to Cox in return for what they, the consumers, want.

Shawn said...

Kristin Peck
Vice President, Public and Government Affairs
(402) 934-0256

Michael A. Molde said...

Hi, Lee. I know exactly what the people in Omaha are going through with Cox, as I lived in Omaha for four years before moving to the Twin Cities in 2004.

I went through the same sort of frustration with Cox when RSTN was launched, and Cox wasn't planning on even carrying RSTN for awhile. It made me so angry, and I sent off several e-mails blasting them for not planning to carry Royals games. It's just ridiculous, as Kansas City's AAA affiliate is located in Omaha, so it's such a no-brainer to carry the games.

I'd think that the best argument to use with Cox these days is the fact that the greatest Nebraska Cornhusker baseball player ever (sorry, Joba, Alex is better) plays third base every night for the Royals, and people in the Omaha area want to be able to watch him play.

There argument about it "costing more money" is ridiculous. You cannot convince me that more people in Omaha are going to watch Sports Science, or an old episode of The Best Damn Sports Show more than they would a Royals game.

I will take some time to write Kristin Peck...again. And I hope Cox wakes up and realizes that all the loyal Husker fans in that area are pretty likely to at least check in from time to time in order to watch Gordon and the Royals.

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