Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sweeney's Season May be Over

For those of you who are still interested in following Mike Sweeney's career, the Mercury News is reporting that Sweeney's left knee is locking up on him and he may need to undergo microfracture surgery, which would end his season, and maybe his career.

He plans to go into evaluation mode for the next ten days and if it isn't any better then, then he'll have the season ending surgery.

Sweeney already had arthroscopic surgery on both knees on June 11, but according to the story, microfracture surgery is much more serious. It repairs cartilage damage and requires six to nine months of recovery.

It looks like he'll play in even less games for the A's this year (40 so far) than he did for the Royals last year (74). Unfortunately, his body has been his biggest nemesis and it looks like it might force him out of the game at the age of 34.

For the record, I hope it doesn't.

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