Saturday, May 01, 2004

Playing dead

Yankees 12 Royals 4
W-Lieber (1-0), L-Villacis (0-1)
Royals Season Record: 7 Wins, 15 Loses

I know we have a difficult schedule in May. The evil Yankees, the Red Sox, the A’s twice, the Twinkies and even the surging Rangers mean that we are going to have to play well to break even for the month. And let’s be honest, if we go 13-14, it’ll feel like we won the World Series.

Okay, so we have a tough stretch of games coming up. Do the Royals give up? The organization would say “absolutely not.” Their actions today say otherwise. We brought Eduardo Villacis up from Wichita to start in Yankee Stadium today. Yes it was an emergency situation and yes, we’ve been anticipating a move for a couple of days. But Villacis? From AA?

Since Greinke is a no-no, why not Chris George or Kris Wilson from Omaha? They both have big league experience at least. By bringing Villacis up, we offered him up as the sacrifical lamb. Oh, and the lamb was on a seventy five pitch limit. I propose a new uniform for our pitching staff. How about a big blue diaper? That’s how we treat them. We act like a young guy is incapable of throwing one hundred pitches without his arm falling off. Come on. These guys are young. Let them pitch.

If the evil Yankees didn’t already know that we had no intention of trying to win today, Pena gives Lopez the start over Randa at third. I’m a Lopez fan, in spite of his sub .100 batting average this year. He is a good utility player and has a great attitude. Be he’s no Randa. Why wouldn’t we put the best line up we have on the field against the evil Yankees? Especially since Berrora and Gonzalez were both back and in the line up today? It’s May 1st. How many days off do our guys need?

Predictably, Villacis gave up five runs in three and a third and the game was over before it began. Especially with Lieber looking like the Lieber of old on the mound against us today.

Tomorrow, we have Affeldt going against Mussina. Mussina is struggling and Affeldt looks to be turning things around. Let’s hope we can get at least one out of three in New York.

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