Friday, December 08, 2006

Passan's Take on Meche

Jeff Passan at Yahoo Sports isn’t convinced that the Gil Meche signing was a good one. He named it as the “Worst Contract, Vol. 1” of the winter meetings. Here’s what he said:

“If the Royals were going to give out that amount of years and dollars, why didn't they just go after A.J. Burnett last season? In Meche, they get a sinkerballer who spent time in the minor leagues two years ago and has found minimal success at the big-league level.”

The answer to his question may be two-fold. Number one, Allard Baird was still in charge, and Glass didn’t seem quite so willing to fork over the money for free agents (Burnett got the same contract that the Royals just gave Meche—$55 million for five years). Number two, A. J. Burnett has only pitched more than 180 innings once in the past four seasons, while Meche has done it twice. The Royals were looking for an innings eater who could get them further into games before getting into the pen.

Will Meche be the right guy? Who knows? Time will tell.

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