Saturday, December 16, 2006

Too Many Outfielders?

If you assume that Teahen will be playing a corner outfield position at some point in 2007 because of Alex Gordon, then you have to wonder if maybe a deal isn’t in the works regarding Reggie Sanders or Emil Brown after the Royals traded for Ross Gload today. David DeJesus is going to be the every day centerfielder and that only leaves one corner outfield position left for Sanders, Brown, and Gload. Joey Gathright can back up DeJesus in center and Gload can back up Shealy at first base, but it seems to me that we’ve got one too many outfielder/DH-types on this roster right now. Let’s see what happens next.

UPDATE [12-17-06 @ 8:34 AM]: Moore confirmed in this article running in the Star that he picked up Gload to back up Shealy because he doesn't think Justin Huber is ready for the big leagues yet. Watching how things shake out in Spring Training ought to be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Its true, they are going to have way to many outfielders.

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Lee Warren said...

Thanks for your comment David. I don't really link to sites that are not specifically Royals related though. Sorry.

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