Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dotel Traded to the Braves

MLB.com is reporting that the Royals have traded Octavio Dotel for Kyle Davies. Dayton Moore knows the Atlanta Braves well. Let's just hope he sees something that we don't regarding Davies.


Shawn said...

Interesting trade. No word yet if there were cash considerations involved with the deal.

Who do you see taking over the closer role? Moving Grienke to either the full time closer or share time with Soria, and leaving Peralta and Gobble as the primary set-up guys? Duckworth and Davies for long relief?

Lee Warren said...

I'll be interested to see who Bell makes the closer. I'm guessing it'll be Soria since he has experience and success in that role. But ultimately, I think Soria wants to start, so I wouldn't mind seeing Greinke getting a shot. I'm not crazy about closer by committee.

I can't imagine Moore making this trade unless he intends to put Davies in the rotation. That leaves Duckworth in long relief and an occasional spot start.

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