Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Training Notes #3

Rusty Kuntz, the Royals new first base coach, likes to quiz players about the fundamentals of the game. You probably aren't going to believe this, but some of the players we currently have in camp did not know how many feet there are between the bases. I'm afraid to hear some of the other questions they got wrong.

If you didn't catch Sam Mellinger's article in the Star about Mike Sweeney in camp with the A's and the Royals search for new leadership, you'll want to read it. And if you haven't heard yet, Sweeney is wearing number five for the A's. Speaking of Mellinger, he has a new Royals blog you might want to check out:

In fact, there are all sorts of new Royals blogs popping up and I think that is so cool. The Royals must be one of the most blogged about teams in the game, which is a pretty good indicator that the fan base hasn't given up on the team, even though it is prone to complain from time to time. I'll be adding links to the new blogs soon.

1 comment:

Scott said...

I was going to do a Royals blog but then seen that are so many already and all of you do it better than I possibly could. I just enjoy reading all the different points of view about my favorite team.

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