Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Training Notes: February 25

So, Gil Meche wants the ball on Opening Day. I like that. The only other pitcher who even has a shot at the start is Zack Greinke. But it’s nice having two legitimate options.

Trey Hillman finally admitted something many of us have known for a long time—Jimmy Gobble is a situational lefty. That’s where he excels. Here’s what I said about the situation back in July:

And why does Hillman insist upon using him [Gobble] against righties and lefties when he's had so much success out of the pen as a situational lefty?

And then last month, I said this:

He’s [Gobble] really only had one good season (2007, when he went 4-1 with a 3.02 ERA) and I can’t see that changing unless Hillman begins to use him more as a situational lefty. Right handed hitters eat him for lunch. In 2008, they hit .382 against him. In 2007, even in his good season, they hit .319 against him. In my opinion, he’s worth $1.35 million only if he’s used solely as a situational lefty.

Here’s what Hillman said yesterday:

“I also forced the issue of wanting him [Gobble] to be better against right-handed hitters when he wasn’t ready for that. Having said that, the objective this year will be to primarily utilize him (against left-handed hitters).”

The Royals’ first Cactus League game is this afternoon at 2:05 PM. The Star published Hillman’s lineup for the game:

  1. CF Coco Crisp
  2. SS Aviles
  3. LF David DeJesus
  4. DH Mike Jacobs
  5. 1B Billy Butler
  6. 3B Alex Gordon
  7. 2B Teahen
  8. C Olivo
  9. RF Willie Bloomquist

Jose Guillen is still recovering from a sore shoulder and toe, so he won’t play.

Horacio Ramirez will start against Kris Benson. The Royals will also use Brandon Duckworth, Lenny DiNardo, Henry Berrera, Yasuhiko Yabuta, and possibly Franquelis Osoria.


Ron Rollins said...

Hillman proving every day he doesn't have what it takes to manage in the majors.

There's a reason no Japanese manager has ever come over here.

Lee Warren said...

He certainly has stumbled a bit coming out of the gate, but let's see how he adapts over the next season or two.

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