Thursday, January 15, 2009

Luke Hochevar Video from the Royals Caravan

A video I shot at the Royals Caravan today in Omaha during which Ryan Lefebvre asks Luke Hochevar about his quick jump from the minor leagues to the big leagues and about being the first player drafted in 2006.


Minda said...

Thanks for posting this, Lee. I look forward to other videos from the event!

Side note: All I know about Dennis Leonard has to do with that intimidating stare, so I kind of thought he'd be mean or grumpy. Instead, he was very sweet and grandfatherly to the children who were at the Lincoln stop on the Caravan, even though he knew the kids weren't exactly sure who he was. It was pretty cute.

Lee Warren said...

Thanks Minda. Yeah, Leonard was before your time, but not before mine. He was fun to watch.

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