Thursday, January 15, 2009

Royals Caravan Stop in Omaha

I attended the Royals Caravan stop in Omaha today. A lot of fans showed up to hear and meet Alex Gordon, Luke Hochevar, Dennis Leonard, Ryan Lefebvre, and Joel Goldberg. I'll be uploading a number of videos from the event throughout the day. Here are a few photos.

Ryan Lefebvre telling a joke a Luke Hochevar's expense:

Ryan Lefebvre interviewing Luke Hochevar:

Lefebvre interviewing Dennis Leonard. Leonard still has that all familiar stare that used to intimidate hitters:

Lefebvre interviewing Alex Gordon:

Hochevar fielding questions from the press:

Hochevar, Leonard, and Gordon signing autographs:

More autographs:

1 comment:

number9 said...

Thanks for the photos and video. Wonderful x10000 !!! I and other Royals fans appreciate it. Hope to make it to KC for the first time ever to see my beloved Royals in 2009! A fan since 1974....

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