Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cox Cable Still Not Showing 140 Games in Omaha

Last year at this time, I wrote about how irritated I was with Cox Communications in the Omaha area because they opted not to show 40 of the 140 Royals games that FSN-Kansas City scheduled to broadcast. Cox is the only cable or satellite provider in the area that doesn’t show the full schedule.

According to an article in the Omaha World Herald a couple of days ago, FSN-Kansas City and Cox are in negotiations regarding the other 40 games, but that was the case all of last season as well and it never happened. According to the article in the OWH, here is what’s Kristin Peck, Cox vice president for public and government affairs in Omaha, is saying this year:

“We know that there are some pretty passionate Royals fans. The issue that we have is that the sports programming is very expensive. Our research tells us that 25 percent of our viewers are sports fans and the others don't watch any. As we make decisions on programming, we have to consider all of our customers.”

Fair enough. Cox had decisions to make; so did I as a customer. So I switched to DirecTV and now I’ll see all 140 games. If you want to see all 140 games in the Omaha market, you might want to stop waiting for Cox. Just make the switch and enjoy the games.

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