Monday, April 06, 2009

Favorite Royals Hall of Famer

The following poll is now closed. Here are the results:

Who is your favorite player in the Royals Hall of Fame (other than George Brett)?

Player Percentage Votes
Frank White 23% 11
Dan Quisenberry 19% 9
Mark Gubicza 10% 5
Amos Otis 10% 5
Brett Saberhagen 8% 4
John Mayberry 6% 3
Willie Wilson 6% 3
Steve Busby 2% 1
Dennis Leonard 2% 1
Hal McRae 2% 1
Jeff Montgomery 2% 1
Fred Patek 2% 1
Cookie Rojas 2% 1
Larry Gura 0% 0
Paul Splittorff 0% 0

It’s cool to see that Amos Otis got a few votes. I was kind of bummed that Gura and Splittorff didn’t receive any votes though, but I also understand that a person can only have one favorite. Thanks for participating. Another poll will be up soon.


Anonymous said...

Why do you assume Brett is everyone's favorite? He isn't mine.

Frank White has always been my favorite Royal, followed by Dennis Leonard and Hal McRae.

Lee Warren said...

Brett would be most people's favorite, not everyone's. I just wanted what would happen if Brett was off the table.

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