Monday, May 04, 2009

Royals Fun on Twitter

If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, then here’s a good reason to become familiar with it—there’s a group of Royals fans who meet there during games and we have fun, polite, running conversations about the events of each game. We guess when Hillman might be considering a pitching a change, when he might pinch hit, who he might bring into the game defensively, etc.

Today would be a great time to join us since Zack Greinke is pitching tonight. Here are the steps to signing up for Twitter, if you aren’t familiar with it:

  1. Sign up for a free account at
  2. Click here and begin to search for an “follow” other Royals fans. (Follow them by click on their Twitter name and then click on the “follow” button on their Twitter page.) Or see below for the list of people you can follow.
  3. Some of the Royals fans you are following will begin to follow you.
  4. From the main Twitter page, begin to comment about the game in the “What are you doing” box. Your followers will see your comments and they can either reply to you (allowing everyone else to see it) or they can send you a direct message (that only you can see).
  5. I’d love to have you follow me. Just click here and click on the follow button.
  6. Have fun!

If you want to enjoy Twitter a little more, you can install one of these desktop or smart phone applications:

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