Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It Got Ugly

Game Date: June 17, 2009
Arizona @ Kansas City
Diamondbacks 12, Royals 5 / Box Score
WP: Scherzer (4-4), LP: Greinke (8-3)
KC Home Runs: None
Royals Record: 29-35 / Record in June 6-8

While watching the fiasco on defense tonight, a friend told me that it looks like Dayton Moore put together a ballclub and forgot about defense. I couldn’t agree more. I’m not going to rehash the things that all of us already know. But after we made the third error of the game, I began trying to come up with at least one example of a staring position player who has played good, solid defense all season long.

Butler, no.

Callaspo, definitely no.

Avilles, no.

Teahen, no.

DeJesus, yes. No errors at least.

Crisp, what’s a cut off man?

Guillen, ahhhh no.

Olivo/Buck, no.

Bloomquist has been good, but he’s not a starting position player, or at least he isn’t supposed to be.

When you lose a game 12-5, a lot more has gone wrong than just the defense though. Zack Greinke didn’t pitch well. Neither did John Bale, or Roman Colon, or Ron Mahay.

Tomorrow is another day.


thebaseballfish said...

DJ may not have an error to his credit but he has been far from solid defensively. This season, among other things, he has routinely misplayed balls hit over his head. It is painfully obvious he's not a natural in LF.

Bloomquist's defense varies, obviously, depending on the position he is playing. He's "decent" in the OF but has no instincts at SS. 2B is his most natural position and it shows.

Willie has been the best of this group, but that's not saying much.

Lee Warren said...

You are probably right about DeJesus, but comparatively speaking, he looks like an All-Star.

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