Saturday, June 20, 2009

Royals Still Searching for Answers

Game Date: June 20, 2009
St. Louis @ Kansas City
Cardinals 7, Royals 1 / Box Score
WP: Carpenter (5-1), LP: Bannister (5-4), SV: Franklin (17) 
KC Home Runs: None
Royals Record: 29-38 / Record in June 6-11

The Royals optioned Kyle Davies to Omaha after his performance last night. Rightfully so. His numbers were awful (3-7, 5.76 ERA). He couldn’t locate any of his pitches. A stint in Omaha may do him some good. Robinson Tejeda came off the DL and took Davies’ spot on the roster. The Royals won’t need five starters for a while so they’ve got some time to make up their minds about what they want to do next.

But what about the rest of this team?

I’m beyond looking for moral victories at this point. Yeah, the Royals hung close until the ninth inning when our bullpen gave up four runs. And yeah, Chris Carpenter was on the mound against Banny today and he has a 1.53 ERA. Okay. But we still got beat soundly. Again.

We only had five hits—three of which came from the bottom three hitters. And we made two more errors. And seriously, how much longer is Luis Hernandez going to be on this roster? Hitting second, really?

When I look at the Royals’ record, I can’t believe it isn’t much worse. We ought to be looking forward to the two upcoming series against Houston and Pittsburgh, but I don’t know how we can. We got beat by Arizona. We’ve lost the series to St. Louis. We can’t get anybody out. Our defense is beyond bad. And we haven’t won a game since Tuesday.

Even though the All-Star break is just 20 games away, it feels like it’ll never get here.


thebaseballfish said...

I don't know why on earth Luis Hernandez would hit 2nd in any lineup. That said, he should have a spot on the ML roster as long as TPJ does. Hernandez is hitting .222, TPJ is hitting .097.

It isn't just a 2009 thing for TPJ either. Last season he turned in an OPS+ of 7, the next worst OPS+ at SS with significant playing time as a Royal was Angel Salazar in 1987 with an OPS+ of 23.

TPJ should be the one to go, not Luis Hernandez.

Lee Warren said...

As I said in my previous post, I don't think TPJ should be on the roster either. Neither are major league material.

Anonymous said...


Do you know why Fox 42 did not show the game in Omaha.

Lee Warren said...

The Fox network had rights to the game but then there was a 90 minute rain delay. My guess is, Fox figured that their viewers were already engaged in the game they were showing and they decided not to switch to the Cardinals vs. Royals game.

Anonymous said...

Lee...I thought that too, but Ryan L's comments on Sunday indicated that Fox was still showing the game. I think it was all Fox 42. I tried to call and no one answered. I wonder if they literally fired the person that flips the switch back in their most recent round of cutbacks.

Lee Warren said...

I don't always watch the game with the sound up so I missed him saying that. Hmmmm. Not sure why the local affiliate wouldn't have shown the game once the delay was over. Thankfully, we shouldn't have to worry about it happening much in the future since we probably won't be the game of the week very often.

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