Saturday, July 04, 2009

Royals Trade Rumors

Buster Olney made the following observation on his blog today about a possible trade between Atlanta and Kansas City:

The Braves and the Royals match like puzzle pieces in a possible [Yunel] Escobar deal. The Royals want and need a shortstop. The Braves could use someone like Mark Teahen, who could give Atlanta great flexibility. Teahen, a solid veteran hitter, could play third in place of Jones, or start in left field or right field, or first base, or even second base. If the Braves required the Royals to take on some money, then Francoeur could be added to the trade; Dayton Moore, the Kansas City GM, has known Francoeur for years and coveted him, and he could use the last months of this season to evaluate him. The Braves could use another middle reliever; the Royals have Juan Cruz and Ron Mahay, pieces that Atlanta knows well. Moore knows the Braves' farm system. A lot of elements in place here.

Remember the last time Dayton Moore made a trade with Atlanta for a shortstop? Looking at Escobar’s numbers, it’s not really fair to compare him to TPJ though. In 296 games in Atlanta, he’s hit 22 HR with 130 RBI. His career OBP is .369. And at 26, he seems to be on the verge of establishing himself as a solid shortstop for years to come. In my opinion, Mark Teahen would be too much to give up for him though. A package deal might make more sense.

What are you thoughts?


Jeff Parker said...

With AG close to returning I would probably make that trade. Teahen/Mahay for Francouer/Escobar?

Lee Warren said...

Teahen/Mahay for Francouer/Escobar makes sense for both teams. I'd hate to see Teahen go though.

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