Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We’re Sending 60+ Kids to the K!

As you know by now, my laptop crashed on me a few days ago and I’ve been using a PC I bought in 2001 to get my work done. That was not an easy thing to do since it’s probably the slowest functioning computer still in existence.

But I am back up and running and I just heard that we’ve raised enough support to get past the threshold in which the Royals begin to match our donations. What that means is, as of this moment, 63 kids are headed for Kauffman Stadium on Kids’ Day at the K on August 9. I’m astounded by that number.

Here’s what Adam said this afternoon:

“The Royals will now be matching for every donation made. So for every $10 instead of just sending one kid, you will now be sending 2. If things keep up, you guys will be responsible for an entire section of kids.”

The Royals blogosphere has stepped up big time on this. The Royals Review community has done a fantastic job of getting the word out and in getting involved themselves. Kings of Kauffman has a post up about it. And I may have missed others. Seeing Royals fans step up and send so many kids to a baseball game pleases me to no end.

We still have some time—let’s push on toward filling an entire section. To get involved, either call or email Adam Cain and let him know how many kids you’d like to sponsor. From this point forward, for every $10.00 you contribute, two kids get to attend because the Royals are matching your donation.

Here is Adam’s contact info:

Adam Cain, Inside Sales, KC Royals
Phone: 816.504.4176
Email: adam.cain@royals.com

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