Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Update: Kids’ Day at the K

I just got off the phone with Joel Kammeyer, who is filling in for Adam Cain while Adam is on his honeymoon (congrats Adam!). We’re up to 98 kids right now. One more $10.00 donation puts us at 100. We have until 5:00 pm tomorrow. If you haven’t got involved yet but would like to, now would be the time. For every $10.00 you donate to send a kid the game on August 9 for Kids’ Day at the K, the Royals will match—so your $10.00 sends two kids.

Since Adam is away, you can contact Joel Kammeyer to make your donation. His email address is His phone number is: 816-504-4178. Let him know you are coming from Royal Reflections. I’ll let you know tomorrow evening or Friday morning the final tally. A big thanks goes out the the Royals community for jumping on board to support this cause. You guys are awesome!

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