Sunday, September 06, 2009


I’m excited to announce that in the coming week, Royal Reflections will join the network of blogs. Fan Huddle will provide news and opinions about every team in every major sport. As you might imagine, Royal Reflections will tackle a lot of the Royals coverage for the site.

So, what will change? The Royal Reflections look will change. And, ideally, Royal Reflections will have a few sponsors (more about that in a minute).

What won’t change? The url will remain the same. The Royal Reflections podcast will remain the same.

What are the benefits of joining the Fun Huddle network?

*It’ll increase exposure for Royal Reflections.

*It’ll allow me to focus on what I love—providing content without worrying about the technical aspects of the blog.

*I’ll have access to quality photography that I’ll be able to use in posts. I think that will add something to the blog.

*You will have access to more quality content regarding the Royals, the AL Central, and baseball in general.

*It’ll give me a chance to increase sponsorship for the blog. As a freelance writer who makes his living from what he writes, the more sponsors Royal Reflections has, the more time I can spend on providing quality content. If you own a business that might appeal to Royals fans and you’d like to discuss the possibility of becoming a Royal Reflections sponsor going forward, please drop me an email.

I appreciate every one of you—some of whom who have been with me since the early days of the blog way back in 2004—and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

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