Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is this season salvageable?

Game Date: September 17, 2009
Kansas City @ Detroit
Royals 9, Tigers 2 / Box Score
WP: Greinke (14-8), LP: Jackson (12-7)
KC Home Runs: Olivo (21), Anderson (1)
Royals Record: 59-87 / Record in September 9-6

A friend called me today. He’s originally from Michigan and therefore a huge Tigers fan, even though he lives in Missouri. He wanted me to call off the Royals, as if I have such power, because they are killing his Tigers. I told him I was having too much fun watching the Royals take it to the Tigers again.

Zack Greinke was on the mound at the time. Just a couple of innings later, he got drilled by a line drive off the bat of Miguel Cabrera. I think all of Kansas City and the surrounding area held our breath until we heard that X-rays were negative. Greinke has a nasty bruise that’ll probably take some time to go away.

Assuming Greinke doesn’t miss any starts, I’m liking his changes for the Cy Young more and more. For most of the season I’ve believed he deserves it, but I’ve had a feeling that his limited number of wins was going to play a factor, negatively speaking, in the writers’ votes. But at this point, every writer who has a vote knows that Greinke is the best pitcher in the AL this season. The question is, will they vote that way?

The Royals have 16 games remaining in the season. They’ve already won nine games this month and they are just two wins short of avoiding 100 losses. If they somehow played out of their minds against the White Sox, Red Sox, Twins, and Yankees and went 11-5 during that stretch, taking their win total to 70, would it be enough to salvage the season in your opinion?

It wouldn’t be in my opinion since these games are inconsequential for the Royals. I want to see them play like this when it matters. But I’d still love to see them finish strong. What’s your take?

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