Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Royals sign Aaron Crow

The Royals signed Aaron Crow to a three-year deal today. The AP is reporting that the deal will guarantee Crow $3 million even if he doesn’t reach the majors. According to the Star, the Royals gave him a $1.5 million signing bonus. The contract begins next season.

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but a contract that is guaranteed sounds a lot like the Royals signed him to a Major League contract. In fact, that’s what the Star is calling it—a Major League contract. I know it’s only $3 million and the Royals have given twice that away to Yasuhiko Yabuta over the past couple of seasons, but I deplore the notion of giving a player a guaranteed spot on the roster who has never played an inning at the Major League level.

The guy should have to prove that he belongs at the big league level before he gets a roster spot. And time runs out quicker for the Royals by giving the guy a roster spot if he turns out to be the bomb. Even if this practice turns out to be the norm, I’m never going to think it’s a good idea from the team’s and fans’ perspective.

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