Saturday, March 24, 2007

Royals Blogs in Sports Illustrated

I didn’t know about this until somebody pointed it out to me today—but Royal Reflections is mentioned in the current issue of Sports Illustrated, in their annual baseball preview issue. I’m pleased to find it mentioned with a couple of high quality Royals’ blogs: Royals Review and Royals Authority, and with a Royals website called Royals News.

Royals Review is running away with the poll results as the Royals blog with the best Royals info. I think the Royals niche in the blogosphere is well covered and there’s a little something for every type of Royals fan. Some Royals blogs are heavily focused on stats. Some are more focused on news and opinions. And some are a combination of the two. I’m just glad that Royal Reflections is in the mix somewhere.

If you’d like a link to the Sports Illustrated poll, here it is. Go vote for your favorite Royals blog—no matter which one it is.


Anonymous said...

You do a great job & you're right about the quality of Royals blogs, i read them all and get something different from each one.

Max said...

Royals Review is quite awesome. Not to sell this blog short though. Its good as well. In fact, there do seem to be an abundance of Royals-related blogs, including Royals Corner, and is kind of a Royals blog as is Joe Posnanski's blog "The Soul of Baseball."

Maybe having such a bad team has bred some interesting fans!

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