Saturday, August 04, 2007

Possible Managerial Successors

This AP story is raising a question about three possible replacements for Buddy Bell:

Joe Girardi: He led the Florida Marlins to a 78-84 season in 2006 on a mere $15 million payroll and was named the National League manager of the year before being fired because he didn't get along with the team's owner. He's only managed one season, but many people in the game don't seem to think his success in 2006 was a fluke. He isn't saying whether he would be interested in the Royals' job, but he did turn down a managerial position with the Baltimore Orioles, so he might be tough to get. But it might be fun to see what he could do in Kansas City though considering what he did in Florida.

Terry Pendleton: He's currently the hitting coach in Atlanta. He doesn't have any managerial experience, but obviously Moore knows him well. Pendleton says that nobody in the Atlanta front office has even suggested that he take the job. And he says that he hasn't been contacted (presumably by the Royals). It's hard to argue with the Braves success over the years, but how many Atlanta guys is Moore going to bring over here? Moore has several former Atlanta front office guys on his staff. He's brought in Tony Pena, John Thompson, Matt Wright, and Kyle Davies. And I'm probably missing one or two, but it seems that Moore looks to Atlanta first when he has a need and I can't help but wonder if he doesn't have a bit of a blind spot regarding the talent pool.

Frank White: Every time the Royal's managerial position has come open in recent years, White has been listed as a candidate. This time around might be the best fit for him, given that he managed many of the current players as they came through Wichita. He's been saying for years that he wants to be the Royals manager and his response in the AP article pretty much says that he is still interested: “I'm just hanging loose. I'm going to respect the fact that Buddy, who is a good man and a good friend, will be running the team for the next two months. I'm just going to be neutral for a while and let things play out.” The question I always have when White is being considered is--how do you fire Frank White two years from now if he turns out out to be the wrong guy? His number is enshrined on the scoreboard. He has a statue outside of the stadium. And unbelievably, when he was working construction during the 70's, he actually help to build the stadium.

Moore has a lot of time to choose a successor to Bell and he probably won't do so until after the post season since many of the candidates he may consider are with other teams right now.

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