Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Royals Roster Moves

Joakim Soria will resume the closer's role now that Octavio Dotel is off to greener Atlanta pastures. As I said in the comments section yesterday, I think this is a good move, given Soria's previous success and experience in that role. Zack Greinke will remain a set up man. Ryan Braun has been called up to take Dotel's spot on the roster which is a good indication that Leo Nunez is headed back to Omaha after Kyle Davies is inserted into the rotation.

Reggie Sanders wasn't dealt away before the trading deadline because he tore another muscle in his left hamstring. He'll be out four to six weeks again. I have to admit that I was wrong about Sanders. While I knew that he would spend some time on the DL after the Royals acquired him, I still thought he would be a great sign for the Royals. Before the Royals signed him he was still hitting for power and stealing bases. He hasn't done much of either since coming to Kansas City. I like Reggie. He's a nice guy. He works hard. And we need to have a few veterans around to keep the younger guys in line, but this signing hasn't worked out for the Royals.

Joey Gathright will probably get the call to replace Reggie Sanders on the roster. Gathright was fun to watch before being sent down when Sanders came back the last time. I get the feeling that Gathright will be around for a while this time.

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