Friday, February 23, 2007

Spring Training Notes, Volume 4

--Mike Sweeney turned to Yoga during the offseason, hoping that it would add to his flexibility. Here's what he had to say about it in the Jefferson City News Tribune: "It has been amazing. I can touch my toes, easily. I can touch my palms (to the floor). I was doing things over the winter that I never dreamt of. I'm hoping that three years from now, I'll look back at three healthy years." We hope so too Mike.

--Speaking of Sweeney, he took Alex Gordon out for a salmon dinner last night--something that impressed Gordon. Sweeney did it because that's how he was treated when he first came up. "When I was the rookie, Jeff Montgomery, Mike McFarlane and Tim Belcher took care of me," Sweeney said in an article on the Royals website. "They paid for my dinners and cabs and always told me, 'Mike, when you are a veteran, you do the same thing we're doing.'"

--Dayton Moore said that the Royals decided to move Teahen to third (given that Alex Gordon wins a spot on the roster this spring) because Teahen's athleticism makes it easier for him to switch positions. Hopefully that'll make Mark feel a little better about the change.

--The Royals signed three more players to one-year contracts on Thursday: Zack Greinke, Luke Hudson, and Angel Sanchez. That leaves them with eight unsigned players.

--Joel Peralta missed the workout yesterday after being sent to the hospital with severe headaches and a fever. No word yet on the cause.

--Joe Nelson has tightness in his shoulder. X-rays didn't reveal anything. Hopefully his arm just needs a little rest.

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