Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring Training Notes, Volume 8

--Buddy Bell is saying that he's going to limit Mike Sweeney's playing time this spring so that he'll be healthy for the beginning of the regular season. The Royals play their first game of the spring tomorrow, but Sweeney won't be in the line up. Bell is saying he probably won't be in the line up until early next week. Even though Sweeney doesn't like it, how can you argue with Bell's logic? Click here to read the entire story.

--Billy Butler is taking extra balls in the outfield, hoping to improve his "substandard" defense. In an organization that is already loaded with potential DH's, Butler knows that his ticket to the major leagues will be paved with leather. Everybody already knows the guy can hit. With Sweeney sitting during spring games, Bell is planning to DH Reggie Sanders and give Butler a lot of playing time. Should be interesting to watch. He's expected to play most of the season in Omaha.

--Odalis Perez reported to camp 10 pounds lighter and he has a few goals according to this article, "I just want to be healthy the whole year. If I don't win 10 games, it won't matter if I pitch 200 innings. That's what I want, to throw 200 innings. I want to be able to do my job every time I go out there." If Perez meets all three goals (stays healthy, wins 10 games or more, and throws 200 innings, I'm guessing that most of Kansas City would be happy. However, 10 wins seems a little low for a number two starter who made nearly $9 million last season.

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