Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spring Training Notes, Volume 6

--Alex Gordon continues to shake off attempted comparisons between George Brett and himself--justifiably so, given that he hasn't even played in a single major league game yet. But look at what George Brett himself said about Gordon yesterday: "When I watch him play, he makes the game look pretty easy. When I played the game, I knew how hard it was. He's better than I was at (23). Much better."

--You might want to read the story that is running in the KC Star today about Gordon. Putting his initial contract negotiations aside, he sounds quite humble. And he's actually seen George Brett play. According to the story, Gordon's family used to make the three hour drive once in a while from Lincoln, Nebraska to watch the Royals.

--Gil Meche had problems with his stride yesterday while on the mound. As a result, he lost velocity on his pitches and he left a lot of them up. He sought out McClure to help him get the problem fixed. This sort of news is a little unnerving given the enormous scrutiny that the Royals are already under for giving Meche $55 million for five years. Let's hope he gets the problem rectified soon.

--Bell said that the top four spots in the line up are already solidified: David DeJesus, Mark Grudzielanek, Mark Teahen, and Mike Sweeney. Ryan Shealy will probably hit fifth, and Alex Gordon will probably hit sixth.

--According to Angel Berroa, his many problems over the past few seasons have been the result of him spending too much time dwelling on his blunders. I'd like to give Berroa the benefit of the doubt, especially during spring training, but I'm not sure how he could be as concerned as he says he is while at the same time going mentally AWOL as often as he does.

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