Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spring Training Notes, Volume 5

--Yesterday Reggie Sanders said that he didn't know about the Royals plans to move Mark Teahen to right field until Sanders reported to spring training. How odd is that? Guess he doesn't keep close tabs on the team during the off season.

--The KC Star has a couple of vlogs (video blogs) up on their website. If you check it out today, you'll find Bob Dutton reporting on Zack Greinke's mindset as spring training begins. Another vlog contains a short interview with Gil Meche. Check them out if you get a chance.

--Speaking of Greinke...the AP released a story about Greinke that is running in newspapers across the country today. Greinke will make his first appearance of the spring against the Texas Rangers on March 4.

--Joel Peralta is back in camp. He went to the hospital a couple of days ago with severe headaches and a fever. Test results were negative. He isn't expected to begin throwing again until early next week.

--If you haven't had a chance to read Joe Posnanski's column about Denny Matthews receiving the Frick award, it's a must read. I love the beginning of the article. Posnanski said he couldn't reach Matthews by telephone because "Denny is one of the last Americans who does not have call waiting."

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