Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2008 Royals Preview

A few websites and blogs are releasing team previews for 2008. I've collected bits and pieces of several of them regarding the Royals, as well as providing links so you can go read the previews in their entirety for yourself. I'll post more previews later when they become available.

NBC Sports: "Couple an improving young core of players helped by a couple of free-agent signings with a new manager who many expect to succeed in his first big-league shot, and you have the makings of an improved team. That should be your 2008 Trey Hillman-led Royals, who won't be threatening the division's top two contenders, but could very well approach the .500 mark if enough things break their way..."

Prediction: 76-86, 4th place in the AL Central

Sporting News: "...the Royals' 69-93 record [in 2007] actually ended a string of three consecutive 100-loss seasons. Now, it's up to Hillman to keep the momentum going. That seems like quite a challenge, seeing as how he never played major league baseball. And, until the Royals hired him Oct. 19, Hillman never had even coached in the majors. Instead, Hillman, 44, served his time in the minor leagues, managing in the New York Yankees' system for 13 years before heading to Japan."

Prediction: None

Editorial Note: This really isn't much of a preview and the writer actually referred to Dayton Moore as "Drayton" in the article.

Fox Sports: "The climb from cellar to summit has never looked steeper in the AL Central. The division's other four teams each have one postseason berth since 2005, while Kansas City has not made the playoffs since winning the 1985 World Series. Still, Moore is building the foundation of a winner and the arrival of Hillman—Moore's first managerial hire—allows for greater continuity."

Prediction: None

At Home Plate: "The Royals will once again end up in the cellar of the Central and might well contend to be the worst team in the AL. They will however see some of their players step up and strut their stuff. The pitching staff however will be the key to this team's future and will be worth watching not just to see if the Royals have hope for the future--but so we can speculate on what teams their best young pitchers will be traded to when the Royals decide they won't pay more than league minimum in a couple of years."

Prediction: 5th place in the AL Central

Editorial Note: Is Gil Meche making the league minimum? And given the way the Royals chased after guys like Torii Hunter during the offseason, why would they not continue to spend money, within reason, to keep their starters?


J-RAY said...

the "At Home Plate" review was awful. While I don't think the Royals will be competing for the division title, i don't see them being the worst team in the AL. The author must not have heard how much we're paying Meche and Guillen.

Otis26 said...

I agree. All this shows is that some people don't do their homework and still somehow pawn themselves off as 'experts'.

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