Friday, March 14, 2008

Grudzielanek Ailing

Mark Grudzielanek is heading back to Kansas City as "a precautionary examination to determine the cause of tightness in his lower back." I don't like the way that sounds. The Royals allowed him to avoid game-action until last week hoping that it would allow him time to ease his way back into playing condition, but you have to wonder how much the hard-working 37-year old has left. Let's hope that his tightness turns out to be nothing serious and that he's able to return to action soon.

The Royals signed Alberto Callaspo during the offseason thinking that he could be the second baseman of the future. It's way too early to know if he'll get a shot to prove himself this season, but you never know. He's hitting .314 right now and he's certainly showing some versatility. He started at shortstop yesterday.


Jim said...

Technically, the Royals didn't sign Callaspo this offseason--they traded for him.

The official trade was young pitching prospect Billy Buckner(no, not *that* Bill Buckner--the new, younger one with the same name) to the Diamondbacks in exchange for Callaspo, who was blocked in Arizona by Orlando Hudson at 2B and Stephen Drew at SS.

But, yeah, the sooner he can take over for Grudz at 2B, the better, if you ask me. :)

Lee Warren said...

Jim, good catch. Of course, you are right. I covered the trade here:

Lee Warren said...

Here's a live link to the post referenced above:

Bucker Traded for Callaspo

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