Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ST Game #25

Game Date: March 24, 2008
Royals 10, Dodgers 9 / Box Score
Royals Spring Training Record: 14-11

The Jorge De La Rosa experiment may be coming to an end. After an awful season least year and after a poor Spring Training, he needed an outstanding performance last night to secure the fifth spot in the rotation. That didn't happen.

He gave up four earned runs (including two home runs) on seven hits and two walks in four innings. When he's on, he's tough, but his command just disappears for long stretches of time during a game, and teams pounce on him. His ERA stands at 8.03 this spring and he's out of options. If I were Dayton Moore, I'd send him to the minor leagues and if another team claims him, then so be it. I don't see enough promise to protect him.

John Bale is believed to have won the fourth spot in the rotation, but he was hit hard yesterday in a minor league game. He gave up five runs on ten hits in 5.2 innings. Still no official word on whether he's in the rotation or not. I'm still scratching my head over the Royals sending Luke Hochevar to Omaha when he was clearly one of best of the rest bunch who is fighting for a spot in the rotation.

Did you see Wayne Gretzky and his family sitting in the stands all decked out in Royals gear? Gretzky and George Brett are friends and Brett invited him to the game. Gretzky's wife and son worked out with the Royals on Sunday. Ryan Lefebvre told a funny story during the broadcast. He said that Mark Teahen signed a bat and gave it to Gretzky, who is a huge baseball fan and even considered trying to play professionally early in his life. After Teahen's signed his name, he wrote "The Average One" which just about sums it up perfectly when you are in the presence of a guy known as "The Great One."

Did you see Joey Gathright hurdle Dodger pitcher Hiroki Kurodi when Kurodi attempted to field a ball in the first base line? If you haven't seen it, the video is up on the Royals website. Gathright ended the night with three hits and another stolen base (his tenth of the Spring). He's hitting .354 right now and definitely making a push to make the final roster. He was in the game because David DeJesus twisted his ankle early on. The injury isn't thought to be serious.

The bottom of the lineup when crazy last night. The combination of Butler, Gload, Buck, and Pena was 10-for-16 with 4 RBI. I'm not really sure what Billy Butler was doing hitting sixth, unless Hillman just wanted to see what Teahen could do if he hit a little higher in the lineup, but Butler is going to hit no matter where you put him.

Mike Aviles was re-assigned to minor league camp yesterday, dropping the roster to 42 players in camp. They still have 17 cuts to make over the next week.

Brett Tomko will get the start for the Royals tonight against the Padres.

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