Friday, March 28, 2008

ST Game #28

Game Date: March 27, 2008
Rangers 8, Royals 5 / Box Score
Royals Spring Training Record: 15-13

Another day, another loss to the Texas Rangers. The Royals lost all five match ups against the Rangers this spring.

Mike Maroth knew that he wasn't going to be in the rotation to start the season, but he got the start yesterday anyway, and he didn't make the best of it. He gave up five runs on six hits in three innings. Maroth was assigned to minor-league camp after the game.

By the way, have you see the projected rotation for Omaha? 

  1. Luke Hochevar
  2. Kyle Davies
  3. Tyler Lumsden
  4. Matt Wright
  5. Mike Maroth

Some years, this would be comparable to the rotations we've had at the major league level.

Newly acquired reliever Ramon Ramirez pitched a scoreless inning yesterday, so it's nice to see him off to a good start.

John Buck hit a home run. Alex Gordon was 2-for-2 with an RBI. And Joey Gathright was 2-for-3.

Damon Hollins was assigned to minor league camp after the game. No surprise there, even after having such a good spring. Barring an injury or two, we don't have a place to play him in the lineup. The Royals are down to 34 players.

Miguel Olivo's suspension was reduced for four games. And the rumor going around about Jose Guillen's suspension is that it may be commuted as MLB union officials work toward an agreement with club owners to toughen baseball's drug policy. Sounds like the union isn't willing to budge unless Selig softens the blow on Guillen and Jay Gibbons.

The Royals will play two games in Milwaukee this weekend and then they are on to Detroit where they will open the season on Monday.

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