Friday, May 09, 2008

The Angels' Series

I was in the Royals' and Angels' clubhouse at Kauffman Stadium on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, working on assignment for a newspaper. I was in both clubhouses to interview players that my editor asked me to, so I don't have a lot of inside information to give you about the Royals, but I have a few little blurbs that I thought might interest you.

Mark Gubicza is an Angels radio broadcaster. During one of the games, he walked through the press box and he bumped into Frank White, who was obviously in there because he's doing work for FSN Kansas City. Gubicza asked White what he was up to and White filled him in on his new broadcast duties. And I'm sure that they caught up with each other after that. Where else would two former teammates meet up but in the press box? It seems that even after the game passes players by, so many of them love the game so much that they find ways to stay involved.

I was in the Royals clubhouse when John Bale made his statement to the media about breaking his hand. The media was told that Bale wouldn't be taking any questions and that he was quite upset and embarrassed by the whole ordeal. I'm sure he is. Reporters gathered around him for a few minutes while he made his statement. I wasn’t one of them because I was waiting to interview Luke Hochevar, which I did shortly thereafter.

The clubhouse really didn't seem all that different without Mike Sweeney there. It had a "life goes on" sort of feel, which of course, it does. Players attended meetings, worked out in the cage, cut promos for local media, did interviews, played cards around a big table before games, and joked around with each other. I was only in there for three games, which isn't nearly enough to tell you whether a new leader has emerged or not, so I'll leave that to those who are more qualified than I am.

I had a chance to meet Sam Mellinger of Ball Star fame and it was nice to put a face with an email address.

And that's about it. I did several interviews for the newspaper I work for and I'll link to the stories when they are available.

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