Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Losing Streak

So, the losing streak is at six and this is about the time of year when some of the people who call themselves Royals fans starting talking about the Chiefs, although I have no idea why a 4-12 team would fire anybody up.

It'll be nice when this season-long road trip is finally over for the Royals. It started out with such promise in Florida, but it soured in Boston, and it carried over to Toronto. Let's hope the Royals can salvage a game or two before the trip ends. Hillman's answer is for the Royals to play harder:

"All you can do is grind it out. You play the game harder. You run harder, field harder and let the pitches go with more conviction. You just keep going.

"The schedule doesn't stop. There's no sense in feeling sorry for ourselves. We haven't played well."

I'd settle for them just playing hard. With a few exceptions, we are swinging at nearly everything. Our plate discipline seems to be at a low point right now and the concept of working a count into a hitter's favor seems like a foreign concept. Conversely, it would help if our pitching staff would stop falling behind so many hitters and allowing guys to sit dead red. Three grand slams in the last three games is ridiculous.

This afternoon, Gil Meche (3-6, 5.58) will go up against Dustin McGowan (2-4, 4.21). Meche is 4-5 in his career against Toronto with a 5.01 ERA in 59.1 IP. McGowan is 0-1 against the Royals with a 3.52 ERA in 7.2 IP.

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