Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jose Guillen: Too Many Babies Here

"Too many babies here. They don't know how to play the game and win the game right, the way it's supposed to be played. And that's the problem here. Now I know why this organization's been losing for a while. Now I know." --Jose Guillen, minus the profanity [Hat tip: Big League Stew]

My first thought after hearing Jose Guillen's profanity laced tirade against his teammates last night was that it was from a guy who plays for a team that has lost ten games in a row and he's sick and tired of it. I totally understand that. But the more I thought about it, the more I concluded that this is the Jose Guillen I've been hoping we'd never see.

I could be wrong. Maybe this will be the clarion call his teammates needed to hear. But I doubt it.

How many of them do you think called Guillen after his comments last night? How many of them will ask him this afternoon who the babies are? How many will write off his rant as typical Jose Guillen? And finally, how many will examine themselves and make the necessary changes?

Time will tell.

Many people are giving Guillen credit for his willingness to voice his frustration. Fair enough. But if you want to give a guy credit for such a thing, shouldn't he at least be willing to tell us who he is talking about? And what if the Royals had finished off the game the way they should have, would he have still made such comments? Would he have still believed that the Royals have too many babies in the locker room? Probably. But what specifically prompted him to make those comments last night?

Was it Ramon Ramirez's performance? Is he a baby because he gave up four earned runs in two-thirds of an inning? He had a 2.14 ERA coming into the game, so did he become a baby overnight? Surely, if he were afraid to go after guys, he'd have a higher ERA because more guys would be on base. Or maybe it was Joel Peralta's giving up the three-run home run to Craig Monroe? No doubt, Peralta has struggled this year, but he was solid out of the bullpen last season. Even if you just look at his numbers this season, he's given up just two walks and has a 1.11 WHIP in 15 appearances. He's giving up the long ball, but he's certainly not afraid to go after guys.

We don't know because Guillen wasn't specific. Rather than confronting specific players like a leader does when he sees a problem, he threw a tantrum instead.

Kind of like a baby, minus the profanity.

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