Thursday, May 29, 2008

Billy Butler Sent to Omaha

Billy Butler was sent down to Omaha today. If it was good for Mark Teahen in 2006, it might be just as good for Butler. One thing I know, you can't keep putting a guy in the middle of your lineup who isn't driving the ball. One home run and 18 RBI in 186 AB is as close to unacceptable as you can get. Let's hope he gets things figured out soon.

Mike Aviles got the call to Kansas City to replace Butler and Trey Hillman said before the game tonight that he's going to get a look at shortstop. He's really a second baseman though. He's played 32 games there in Omaha and 18 games at short. I'm guessing that we're going to pay the price defensively for this move, but at this point, we really need his bat in the lineup. He was hitting .336 with 10 HR and 42 RBI in 214 AB in Omaha.

Leo Nunez has officially been placed on the 15-Day DL. Neal Musser was recalled from Omaha to take Nunez's spot. And I expect Kyle Davies to get the call soon to take Tomko's spot in the rotation.


Grace and Anthony said...

I generally try to give managers, especially beginning managers, the benefit of the doubt in their decisions. After all, I am just a fan and this man could be the next true baseball genious. But demoting Butler seems patently questionable. Apparently, by reading the quotes from Billy, he doesn't appear to think its fair. And in a lineup of sub-par performers, I can't see what distinguishes Butler from the rest, especially given the fact he went 5-18 before being demoted. The elephant in the lineup is the buck and change average put up by Pena Jr., who seems to enjoy unwavering confidence from the management. I understand making room for Aviles to potentially fill Pena's spot, but do you really want to risk messing with a young player's (Butler's) psyche and leave a bad taste in his mouth from a lack of confidence from the organization?

Lee Warren said...

Hillman probably had less to do with the decision to demote Butler than Dayton Moore did. In my mind, the thing that distinguishes Butler from the others who aren't hitting is that Butler is primarily a DH. You can't have a DH who isn't driving the ball. Billy looks lost. Sending him down will give him a chance to get back on track without the pressure of the big leagues.

I agree with you about the Pena being given unwavering confidence when he really hasn't earned it. But I'm guessing that if Aviles can field the position, then Pena's days may be numbered.

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